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cornelius marion released

Cornelius Dupree Exonerated Selma 300x231  DNA Evidence Exonerates Cornelius Dupree, After 30 Years in Jail!Cornelius Dupree Jr. was just 19 years old when he was sentenced to 75 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Last week, after serving 30 years in prison for the rape and robbery of a Texas woman, Dupree was finally exonerated of the crime- thanks to a DNA test that proved he was innocent all along.

The 51 year old Texan served in prison from 1979 to 2010, when he was released on parole. He could have reduced his sentence, on two separate occasions, by admitting that he was a sex offender. However, Dupree adamantly claimed innocence, recently stating, “Whatever your truth is, you have to stick with it”.

After wrongfully serving 30 years in prison, Cornelius Dupree is the longest-serving inmate in Texas to have been exonerated by DNA evidence and, according to the Innocence Project, only two other people in U.S. history have wrongfully spent more time in prison, only to later be exonerated by DNA evidence. “It’s a great tribute to Cornelius and his spirit that he was able to fight this long and this hard to win his freedom,” said Dupree’s attorney, Barry Scheck, co-director of the Innocence Project.

Yahoo reports that the state of Texas  has freed 41 wrongfully convicted prisoner since 2001 through DNA testing and evidence- which is more than any other state in the nation. But the high number of misconvicted inmates being exonerated only occurred because police officials in Texas preserved the DNA evidence, which eventually freed Cornelius Dupree JR. and 40 other Texas prisoners. Wade Goodwyn of NPR reports, “Dallas has so many exonerations not because it was more egregiously unjust than other counties in Texas, but because unlike other jurisdictions, Dallas County kept the DNA evidence refrigerated and stored for decades. That’s what saved these men.”

Cornelius Dupree Jr. has is currently unsure how to feel about all of this. “I must admit there is a bit of anger, but there is also joy, and the joy overrides the anger,” he stated. I’m just so overwhelmed with the joy of being free.” And free he is, at last.
Title: cornelius marion released
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  1. I though he was married to Latoya. What happened to her? She really crusaded for him.

  2. And why does this say Cornelius Marion at the top and refer to him as Cornelius Dupree throughout the article??!!